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  • Less network congestion, more energy transition

    Sijmen Verveer & Jasper van Hijfte | 28-10-2019

    The current Dutch energy trade markets are too limited to enable the full energy transition and are unsuitable for eliminating the growing congestion effects. Together with KPN, ENECO, ETPA and TNO, Innofunding has designed a TSE DEI + pilot project, with which a new transaction platform is being developed for flex operators to record the origin of energy.

  • Where cattle feed and algorithms meet

    Rebekka Lennings & Sijmen Verveer | 30-09-2019

    ENGIE, Nirvention, het CWI en Voergroep Zuid ontwikkelen samen een innovatie die een flinke energiebesparing kan realiseren in veevoederproductielijnen.

  • A maintenance robot for windmill blades

    Onne Sypkens & Sijmen Verveer | 27-08-2019

    The Top Sector Energy has granted a substantial subsidy to Fieldlab Zephyros through RVO for the smart maintenance innovation project AIRTuB (Automatic Inspection and Repair of Turbine Blades). We have set up this project with World Class Maintenance for a number of our high-tech customers.

  • Entering the energy market with iwell

    Rebekka Lennings & Philip Hoogreef | 30-06-2019

    The energy transition is a huge challenge for the Dutch society. Fortunately, there are various entrepreneurs who are working hard to make this possible, on all kinds of different fronts. One of them is iwell, who tackles the problematic peak demands on the energy network. With the help of a grant requested and obtained by Innofunding, they are developing batteries with which they want to trade on the energy market.

  • Festival on Batteries

    Sijmen Verveer & Rebekka Lennings | 04-06-2019

    Nobody will be surprised that festivals use a lot of energy with, among other things, light and sound systems. But what most don't think about is how to get that energy on location, and who makes sure that green energy is used. A returning client of Innofunding takes this challenge on and has applied for a subsidy to develop an innovative hardware system for the storage of sustainable energy.​

  • Electrical Jaguar XJ6L

    Sijmen Verveer | 03-05-2019

    With some clients we go one step further than just providing subsidies and possibly connecting them to partners. Returning client New Electric is a start-up that, among other things, converts cars to an electric drive. They did this for Innofunding’s Jaguar XJ6L from 1997, a young timer which has been converted in collaboration with New Electric and now equipped with a fully electric drive.