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Project Financing

Innofunding ensures financing applications for innovative projects. For risky investments in innovation many different government arrangements exist, for example subsidies, tax reductions, funds and (international) regulations for consortiums. Arrangements we frequently apply for our clients are: 

  • WBSO is a tax stimulant for research and development, through which a reduction in income tax is made available for innovative projects to reduce the costs. WBSO also makes the Innovationbox available.
  • MIT is a subsidy arrangement for an SME (small and medium-sized enterprise), focussed on innovative feasibility and collaboration projects, within the Dutch ‘Topsectoren’.
  • Specifically within the ‘Topsector’ Energy are many stimulants for energy innovation, CO2­ reduction and renewable energy projects.
  • Horizon 2020 is the biggest European research and innovation program, on which Innofunding mostly scores with the SME Instrument (for an SME scaling up to Europe).
  • In the Eurostars program international collaboration is stimulated in R&D, led by innovative SME-businesses.
  • For scaling up new products with a solid business case, Innovatiekrediet can be applied for.
  • With Vroegefasefinanciering start-ups can develop and plot the feasibility of a new idea until concept-level, for a potential new investor.
  • The DHI-arrangement and the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) support an SME with international ambitions by facilitating demonstration projects, feasibility studies, investment preparations and funds.
  • The Seed Business Angel arrangement makes matching for a participation fund available for investments in technical (and creative) start-ups.
  • Energie Investeringsaftrek (EIA) and Milieu Investeringsaftrek (MIA) lead to extra tax reductions after investments, for example in more energy efficient or more sustainable production assets, by means of which the tax load for fiscal profit can be reduced.

Contact us for an offer focused on your specific situation and strategy.