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  • Making PET recycling a little easier

    Ezra van den Bosch | 24-09-2021

    In order to achieve the European climate goals of 2030, industry and society will have to become more independent from fossil fuels. Today, however, almost all food packaging is still made from fossil based resources. This is a shame because we could reuse so much more of the plastic that is already in circulation.

  • Eliminating the need for central heating boilers almost effortlessly

    Philip Hoogreef | 26-07-2021

    In order to meet the objectives of the Dutch Climate Agreement, the Netherlands are making plans to equip around 200,000 houses a year with a sustainable heat supply in the coming years, signifying that these houses will need an alternative for being heated using central heating boilers that run on natural gas. However, many of the existing terraced houses in the Netherlands from before the 1990s are not suitable for existing alternative heat sources such as a heat pump. For these houses, high investments are currently required in e.g. insulation and low-temperature radiators, and a large, noisy outdoor condenser unit is often required.

  • Better quality of life with Sickle Cell Disease

    Danae Beskers & Rebekka Lennings | 03-06-2021

    Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is a condition that is most common in certain parts of Africa, sometimes even with a prevalence of 45%, however also in the Netherlands about 800 people suffer from the disease. SCD can have serious consequences and targeted treatment is not always available. RR Mechatronics, an experienced developer of diagnostic and analytical lab equipment, therefore intends to develop the instrument ‘Shearox’ supported by a European subsidy.

  • Washing circular has never been so easy

    Onne Sypkens & Sijmen Verveer | 16-12-2020

    Per persoon gebruiken we per dag gemiddeld 133 liter schoon drinkwater, wat na gebruik vrijwel geheel direct in het riool verdwijnt. Dit is niet alleen belastend voor het milieu, maar het kost ook veel geld. Hydraloop ontwikkelt met verschillende subsidies een zelfreinigend waterrecyclingsysteem: zo wordt het water afkomstig van bad, douche en optioneel wasmachine gezuiverd en hergebruikt. Hydraloop heeft recentelijk maar liefst vier prijzen ontvangen op de Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

  • Using natural gas without guilt

    Djennifer Madzia-Madzou & Jasper van Hijfte | 24-11-2020

    Most of us are well aware of climate change and have a desire to live more sustainably. However, we prefer not to give up our comforts for this. In the colder months of the year, in many houses the central heating boiler ensures that the house is heated and we have warm tapwater. However, the central heating boiler often runs on natural gas and is therefore commonly not a sustainable heat source.

  • Planting a forest on barren land

    Matthijs Mees & Maikel Pauw | 15-05-2020

    To stop climate change, just reducing our CO2 emissions is not enough. To make a difference, CO2 must also be actively removed from the air on a large scale. There are different ways to do this, but by far the most effective, natural solution is planting trees. Land Life Company is committed to this by turning infertile and degraded land into forests.