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The National Coalition for Sustainable Digitization

Deniz Seyfeli & Sijmen Verveer | 21-10-2022

On October 18th 2022, a coalition of more than 70 organizations presented the "Manifest Duurzame Digitalisering” (Sustainable Digitization Manifesto) to the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate in the context of the ‘Nationale Coalitie Duurzame Digitalisering’ (NCDD - National Coalition for Sustainable Digitization). The Manifesto calls for an approach in which business communities, governments, knowledge institutions and citizens work closely together to lead digitization in the Netherlands in a sustainable way.

The intertwined roles of sustainability and digitization are gaining international recognition. As noted in the report of the Joint Research Center of the European Commission, the dual environmental and digital “Twin Transition” will affect every part of our economy, society and industry. Innofunding is proud to be part of the NCDD and to play a mediating role with various subsidies such as Mission-driven Research, Development and Innovation (MOOI), Demonstration Energy and Climate Innovation (DEI+), Kansen voor West, the RRP measures and the Amsterdam Recovery and Investment Plan, in the context of NCDD initiatives in the field of Green Hardware (including iXora, Asperitas, Blockheating and LeafCloud), Green Software (S2 Research Group of the VU University Amsterdam and Software Improvement Group), Green Distributed Clouds (Flexibilization of data centers within the energy system with ETPA and SURF), and more efficient data sharing paradigms (AMDEX, Atomic Data).

The Manifesto identifies six bottlenecks in sustainable digitization that can be overcome thanks to an approach of collaboration and co-creation. Innofunding is pleased to continue the collaboration from the preceding LEAP initiative in the NCDD, and sees many opportunities for consortia and grants, guarantees and tax arrangements.