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'Cyber safety in Europe's transport system', London, UK

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2012-10-31 A conference entitled 'Cyber safety in Europe's transport system' will take place on 31 October 2012 in London, UK.

Today's transportation systems rely heavily on software components, but the interdependence between European infrastructures means that a single piece of malicious code could bring down many systems. Such components include voice over internet protocol, operating systems such as Linux, network management systems, satellite navigation and timing applications. The new European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS) was recently certified for use in applications affecting lives and is being used for air, rail and maritime systems.

The use of common software components raises significant security and safety concerns. It is very difficult, for instance, to ensure safe flights if a a data processing system is infected. Equally, train cannot be stopped on a high-speed network while a forensic analysis of a signalling system is conducted.

The forum will be bringing together researchers and other stakeholders to exchange views on the growing vulnerabilities and safety impact of malware on different modes of transportation, arguing that there is an urgent need for greater regulatory intervention to ensure the 'cyber safety' of our transportation infrastructures.

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