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ASPET Travel Awards to Experimental Biology ($ 1,850)

The American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET) invites nominations from students and postdocs for its Travel Awards to attend the ASPET Annual Meeting 'Experimental Biology '14' in San Diego, California, April next year. Deadline for proposals is December 11, 2013. Student Travel Awards, Minority Graduate Student Travel Awards, Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Travel Awards, Young Scientist and Minority Young Scientist Travel Awards consist of a fixed sum of $ 600, registration, plus up to $ 400 in travel reimbursement with receipts after the meeting.

For Minority Graduate Student Travel Awards and Minority Young Scientist Travel Awards also applies that if upon review of your application, ASPET finds that you are eligible for a FASEB MARC award, ASPET will submit your application to them. If your application is selected by the MARC Program for an award, you will receive up to $ 1,850 with receipts after the meeting.

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