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'Onboard payload data compression workshop', Barcelona, Spain

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2012-10-29 The 'Onboard payload data compression workshop' will take place from 29 to 31 October 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.

A major problem in remote sensing systems lies in the limited availability of bandwidth and resources necessary for acquisition, processing and transmission of images. As the spatial, spectral and radiometric resolutions of optical and radar sensors become finer and finer, the amount of collected data is growing. As such, powerful compression algorithms are required to match the available channel resources.

EUCLID, the new 'Cosmic Vision' mission of the European Space Agency, dedicated to understanding the nature of dark energy and dark matter, is facing the challenge of transmitting a high amount of data through a limited downlink. The mission will investigate the distance-redshift relationship and the evolution of cosmic structures. This means significant large technological and design efforts, since large amounts of data will be generated and to be sent to Earth in a short period of time. Thanks to on-board data compression, it will be possible to transmit all data, without any restriction, maximising the mission's return on investment for science.

The event will bring together those working in the field to share the latest ideas and developments and pave the way for the future technological innovation.

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