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Fifth Conference Traffic and Transport Psychology, Groningen, the Netherlands

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2012-08-29 The Fifth Conference Traffic and Transport Psychology will take place from 29 to 31 August 2012 in Groningen, the Netherlands.

This field of traffic psychology refers to the knowledge one acquires about how to use behavioural principles to modify one's own style of conduct in traffic situations including driving, bicycling, walking, and other forms of locomotion in shared spaces. A common activity in traffic psychology is to attempt to modify one's old driving persona to a new and better driving persona.

Much of the research in traffic psychology is done without measuring impact on practice. Conversely, many best practices in road safety are not based in research theory. This interaction between theory and practice ultimately decides the relevance and impact of research carried out in traffic psychology.
The conference will be a platform for communication between researchers, young and established, and between researchers and practitioners. The ultimate aim is to provide impetus and a common basis for the future of research.

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