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'Hands on Training in Nuclear Chemistry', Prague, Czech Republic

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2012-11-27 The 'Hands on Training in Nuclear Chemistry' will take place on from 3 to 14 December 2012 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The lack of trained nuclear chemical specialists has been identified in all branches of the nuclear sector and also in other areas where skills in NRC are required, such as radiopharmacy, nuclear medicine, radiation protection, radioecology, and many others. Retraining general chemistry graduates is one of the options for mitigating this problem.

The European project CINCH is an FP7 project within the EURATOM programme. It aims to coordinate nuclear chemistry education and training in Europe. The project includes the creation of a long-term EURATOM Fission Training Scheme (EFTS) providing a common basis to the fragmented activities in this field. This would move the education and training in nuclear chemistry to a quantitatively new level.

The course aims to deliver the basics of nuclear and radiochemistry to trainees with chemical background at Master level (chemistry masters or engineers, and/or fresh PhD students). It is meant for those who need to extend their skills and knowledge to the field of nuclear and radiochemistry.

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