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Workshop on multi-agent systems and social networks, Istanbul, Turkey

Event date:
2012-08-26 A workshop on multi-agent systems and social networks will take place from 26 to 29 August 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Social networks and multi-agent systems share a common structure and the scope. Both are composed of individuals connected with some type of relationship and seek to accomplish individual and/or common goals. This makes it natural to think about synergies between social network and multi-agent systems in the areas of research and application. This type of synergy could have positive benefits, specially for the development of multi-agent system models, techniques and technologies.

The workshop will be a forum for discussion on the relationships of multi-agent systems with social network models and techniques and the use of multi-agent systems in development of social network theories and systems. Specific topics will include:
- multi-agent social network modeling and analysis;
- multi-agent recommendation networks;
- multi-agent community discovery;
- multi-agent data mining and network analysis;
- multi-agent evolution of patterns in the Web;
- dynamics and evolution patterns of social networks;
- organisational structure evaluation;
- collaborative environments;
- applications of multi-agent social network analysis.

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