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Humanities - William S. Vaughn Visiting Fellowship ($ 52,000)

The Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities invites applications for its William S. Vaughn Visiting Fellowship. Deadline of submissions is January 15, 2014.  The Center will host a year-long interdisciplinary faculty seminar to explore the types of work that medical diagnoses perform. Modern medicine typically defines diagnosis as the act of identifying or naming disease, with disease understood as a pathophysiological condition that produces characteristic symptoms and follows a predictable path. But such straightforward statements hide more than they reveal. Specifically, they leave unexplored the power of language and labels to create imagined boundaries between and among populations - boundaries that can affect the lived experience of disease and disability as well as the allocation of resources.

The theme for 2014/2015 is 'Public Scholarship in the Humanities'. Funding of the fellowship is up to $ 50,000 and provides $ 2,000 in moving expenses.

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