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Pre-announcement WOTRO - launch call Urbanising Deltas of the World in November

NWO WOTRO will launch in November the first call for the new programme Urbanising Deltas of the World (UDW). The programme aims to contribute to global water safety, water and food security, and to sustainable economic development in river deltas worldwide. The goal of the programme is to come to effective and efficient responses to meet the challenges associated with climate change, population growth and increasing economic activities in these regions. This first call will be aimed at North-South consortia, working in public-private partnerships. A total budget of approximately € 10 million is available, for the first call the budget will be approximately € 5 million.

UWD is a joint activity of the NWO themes Water and Climate and Connecting Sustainable Cities (VerDus). It is also part of the innovation contract of the Dutch top sector Water. A variety of partners collaborate in UDW, including the NWO divisions of WOTRO, Earth and Life Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, as well as the Technology Foundation STW, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. In December of this year, there will be a launch event to give interested parties the opportunity to pitch ideas and to develop public-private partnerships.

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