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Exchange visits and workshops - NWO call Social Science Cooperation India and the Netherlands

NWO invites together with The Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) proposals for The Social Science Cooperation India-Netherlands. This funding instrument provides grants to senior researchers from universities and research institutes from the Netherlands and India for collaboration between themselves and their own research centre and research centres in the alternate country (India or the Netherlands). Deadline for submissions is August 27, 2013. The purpose is to strengthen the quality and potential of research in both countries by building greater research interaction. The grant is for staff with an academic or research appointment, up to senior professors. The Councils are particularly interested in applicants who are about to make major contributions to their research area.

The application is for an exchange visit or the organisation of a small workshop. Grants for an exchange visit are up to € 6,000 for visitors to the Netherlands or INR 400,000 for visitors to India. The maximum value of a grant for a workshop in the Netherlands is € 2,000 (local costs) and INR 250,000 (travel costs to the Netherlands). For a workshop in India, grants are up to INR 150,000 (local costs) and 4,500 (travel costs to India).

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