Dutch Kidney Foundation - Innovation Grants 2015 ( 100,000)

The Dutch Kidney Foundation (Nierstichting Nederland) invites applications for its Innovation Grant. Closing date for submitting proposals is March 3, 2015. The aim of the grant is the stimulation of innovation in renal research, diagnosis, prevention, therapies and patient care through the support of experimental and innovative biomedical renal research projects. This call is open to all types of biomedical research. The total available budget is 500,000. Grants are up to 100,000.

Innovation Grants are awarded for a period up to 2 years. Innovation Grant proposals may include a budget for extra expenses equipment and consumables up to € 25,000. This budget and its motivation have to be specified on the application form. The total maximum budget remains € 100,000.
Biomedical researchers working at a research institute based in the Netherlands may apply. Proposals should show high innovation potential. For this grant, innovation is perceived as new ideas, methods, processes or devices that lead to new basic or applied knowledge or new and better therapies and higher patient quality of life. The Dutch Kidney Foundation accepts a relatively high risk of hypothesis failing if the proposed research, when successful, can lead to a high payoff in terms of scientific knowledge, quality of care and quality of life of kidney patients.

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