Pre-announcement of JPI HDHL calls

The Joint Programming Initiative Healthy Diet for A Healthy Life (JPI HDHL) announces two new calls: the ERA-HDHL third Joint Funding Action (JFA) “Knowledge Hub on Food and Nutrition Security” is expected on January 29 and the second non-cofunded action under HDHL INTIMIC in the field of the “Impact of Diet, Food Components and Food Processing on Body Weight Regulation and Overweight Related Metabolic Diseases” (METADIS) on February 5.

The JPI HDHL, JPI OCEANS and FACCE-JPI partners are pleased to announce the launch of the ERA-HDHL call. With this new activity, the three JPIs aim to establish a Knowledge Hub on Food and Nutrition Security. This Knowledge Hub provides the unique possibility to connect researchers with other existing initiatives and relevant stakeholders in the Food and Nutrition Security research area. The Knowledge Hub will be implemented under the umbrella of the JPI HDHL 1st ERA-Net Cofund, named ERA-HDHL. The overall aim is to foster transnational and multidisciplinary collaboration and networking in order to accelerate, further characterize and to manage the impact of climate change on nutritional make-up of food, and to propose adaptive strategies/ measures to ensure food and nutrition security.


The aim of the METADIS call of JPI HDHL is to support transnational, collaborative research projects that address important research questions regarding the effects of food (components) or diets and/or food processing on overweight and related metabolic diseases. An additional objective is to support Early Career Scientists in the area of food, nutrition and health. The deadline for submitting pre-proposals will be April 2, 2019. Proposals should focus on one or both of the following topics:

  • Identification of food (components) or diets that affect appetite and/or satiety, body weight regulation and/or risk factors for the development of overweight related metabolic diseases as well as the underlying mechanisms. This includes the understanding of individual responses to food components or diets;
  • The effect of food processing and/or storage conditions on food components, and the mechanisms by which this will influence appetite and/or satiety, body weight regulation and/or risk factors for the development of overweight related metabolic diseases. This can include studying how to modify the amount of these food components during food processing without affecting consumer acceptance.

JPI HDHL aims to coordinate research on the impact of diet and lifestyles on health, significantly contributing to the construction of a fully operational European Research Area for the prevention of diet-related diseases and strengthening the leadership and competitiveness of research activities in this field.



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