Second call Indo-Dutch Joint Research Programme for ICT open

NWO, including the NWO Taskforce for Applied Research (SIA) and the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), invite researchers in both countries together with public and private partners to participate in the Indo-Dutch Joint Research Programme for ICT. Deadline for submitting applications is March 6, 2018. The total budget available for this call is € 2,150,000.

The budget available from the Dutch part is € 1.2 million compiled of up to € 950,000 from NWO and up to € 250,000 from SIA. MeitY will contribute up to € 950,000. Funding is between € 200,000 to € 500,000 per project. In addition, up to € 50,000 per project can be applied for from SIA. 


The aim of the Indo-Dutch Joint Research Programme is to accelerate innovation in science and technology in India as well as in the Netherlands through:

  • Fostering excellence in research projects and at the same time enhancing the research quality in India and The Netherlands. The research is precompetitive and can be of a more fundamental or a more applied nature, depending on the needs of the project partners;
  • Strengthening interaction and scientific cooperation between the research institutes in India and The Netherlands and industrial partners, including SME’s, and/or societal organizations;
  • Promoting the development and deployment of innovative research (techniques) to be used in industry, including SME’s, and/or societal organizations.

Public and private partners, e.g. ICT users and/or developers, are invited to collaborate with academic researchers in formulating research questions and addressing the challenging key issues. The aim of this collaboration is working towards practical and innovative solutions. The research questions can be driven by fundamental and/or applied scientific approaches. This programme aims at strengthening the already existing and emerging ties between fundamental and applied science, e.g. through the cooperation with applied sciences, and at stimulating co-creation and application of knowledge with public (societal) and private (industrial) organizations, including SME’s. There is therefore room for projects with foci ranging from shorter term applied research aimed at the development of solutions for current demands to longer term curiosity-driven cutting-edge fundamental research aimed at future needs.

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