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First Open International Forum on Mobile Technologies for Social Inclusion, Barcelona, Spain

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2012-11-20 The First Open International Forum on Mobile Technologies for Social Inclusion will take place from 20 to 21 November 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.

Information and communications technologies (ICT) and literacy are increasingly necessary to engage in everyday social activities - to access public information, communicate with social networks and secure employment.

However, recent research has shown a gap in ICT and a need for mobile-based solutions for groups under risk of digital exclusion in LATAM (low-income and isolated communities, chronic patients and people with disabilities). Low income and the cost of ICT are important contributors to this phenomenon, but other issues are also significant. These include a lack of interest in, or perceived relevance of, ICT; a lack of skill and confidence in using ICT; and concerns about the suitability of public ICT provision and training.

The conference will be a forum for relevant stakeholders to share their expertise from technological, social and politic-economical perspectives.

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