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'Advances in Modeling, Control and Optimization of Food Processes', Montpellier, France

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2012-11-20 An event entitled 'Advances in Modeling, Control and Optimization of Food Processes' will take place on 20 November 2012 in Montpellier, France.

Most of the challenges currently faced by the Food industry can be overcome in part by improving the way the processes are operated, increasing efficiency and reducing energy consumption. This should be achieved while maintaining product quality and complying with safety and environmental constraints. Addressing these issues, the EU-funded project CAFÉ ('Computer Aided Food Processes for Control Engineering') aims to generate more advanced ways to control food processing in different areas. It involves 16 project partners from 7 countries and studies four separate cases related to different processing techniques: bioconversion, microfiltration, preservation and structuring.

The event, which is a pre-conference event of the 2012 EFFOST Annual Meeting, will present successful results in the field as well as tools and methods available for the optimal operation of food processes. It will discuss future perspectives and application fields, and will also include a presentation of the CAFÉ project results.

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