Physics - NTvN award 2017 for PhD students and recently-graduated postdocs

The Dutch Journal of Physics (Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Natuurkunde) invites applications for the NtvN award. Deadline of submissions for this contest is November 30, 2016. Any (future) physicist in the second year or above his or her doctoral research, or who obtained her/his PhD after January 1, 2014 may apply, as can non-physicists who performed PhD research on a topic that is related to physics. Participants are challenged to submit a good, coherent, fluent article on their research (dissertation). The three best submissions will be published in the Dutch Journal of Physics. Additionally, the winning authors will receive a cash prize, which is € 1,000 for the first prize, the second prize is € 750 and the third € 500. The prizes will be awarded April 7, 2017 during the annual meeting of the NNV FYSICA, which will be held next year in De Oosterpoort in Groningen.

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