Cognitive mechanisms - Fondation Fyssen Research Grants 2015 ( 35,000)

The Fyssen Foundation invites applications for its Research Grants. Deadline of submissions is October 19, 2015. The grants are intended to support post-doctoral researchers, under the age of 35 in the biological sciences and under the age of 40 in the human sciences, rather already holder of a post, who wish to work independently by establishing around them a research team to achieve a collective scientific operation in a laboratory in France. The grants can range from € 15,000 to € 35,000 and are for one year only.

The aim of Fyssen Foundation is to "encourage all forms of scientific inquiry into cognitive mechanisms, including thought and reasoning, which underlie animal and human behaviour; their biological and cultural bases, and phylogenetic and ontogenetic development". The Foundation supports research in ethology, paleontology, archeology, anthropology, psychology, logic and the nervous system sciences.

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