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Seventh Sharing and Reusing Architectural Knowledge Workshop, Helsinki, Finland

Event date:
2012-08-20 The Seventh Sharing and Reusing Architectural Knowledge Workshop will take place from 20 to 24 August 2012 in Brussels, Belgium.

Motivation and objectives architectural knowledge are defined as the integrated representation of an architecture of a software-intensive system or family of systems, along with architectural decisions and their rationale, external influence and the development environment. The field has been popular in recent years among software architects, who have increased its use in academic and industry settings.

The event will focus on current approaches to addressing the problem of supporting software engineering tasks driven by or producing architectural knowledge. Individual topics will include:
- architectural knowledge representation forms, models, and meta-models;
- architectural knowledge and model-driven development;
- architectural knowledge visualisation techniques;
- multi-criteria and multi-objective architectural design decisions;
- tools to extract, visualize, share and use architectural knowledge;
- evolution of architectural knowledge in the lifecycle and its relationship with context information;
- sharing architectural knowledge in the context of service-oriented architectures and cloud-based approaches;
- collaborative use and sharing of architectural knowledge;
- architectural knowledge and requirements engineering;
- industry experiences and case studies using and managing architectural knowledge.

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