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Second International Workshop on Variability in Software Architecture, Helsinki, Finland

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2012-08-20 The Second International Workshop on Variability in Software Architecture will take place on 20 August 2012 in Helsinki, Finland.

Variability is the ability of a software system or artefact to be adapted for specific contexts in a pre-planned way. Many of today's software systems are built with variability in mind, with such examples as product lines, self-adaptive systems, open platforms and systems with dynamic runtime composition of web services. As software architecture is a reference point for many development activities, variability can be seen as a first-class and cross-cutting concern in software architecture.

The event will bring together researchers and practitioners interested in the field. Specific topics on the agenda are set to include:
- variability in software architecture as a cross-cutting concern;
- the role of variability in architecture knowledge and design decisions;
- reference architectures for variability-intensive systems;
- architecture patterns, styles and tactics for variability;
- consistency, traceability and evolution in the context of variability in software architecture;
- handling variability from requirements to architectures and throughout the software life cycle;
- variability in self-adaptive systems and architectures;
- variability in the architecture of dynamic software product lines;
- variability in the architecture of large-scale systems and eco-systems;
- variability in unprecedented systems, emerging architecture paradigms, and new and critical domains;
- design time and runtime variability in software architecture.

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