International Nature Protection - Van Tienhoven Foundation grant 2016 ( 10,000)

The Van Tienhoven Foundation for International Nature Protection invites applications for its project grant. Deadline of submission is August 14, 2016. Only projects outside the Netherlands will be considered for funding, unless they apply to migrating animals. Funding is up to 10,000.The Van Tienhoven Foundation prioritises projects that are:

practical, hands-on and directly applicable in order to generate change;
initiated, owned or widely supported by local stakeholders, in order to ensure sustainability;
focused on threatened species and ecosystems and/or key biodiversity areas;
aimed at countering the human-induced causes for these threats, in order to have maximum conservation impact;
exemplary for a wider problem, serve as a catalyst for raising awareness and engaging other stakeholders;
leveraging and demonstrating that small grants and individual efforts can make a difference.

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