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Lorentz Center - International Workshops 2014 (€ 10,000 p/w)

The Lorentz Center, located at Leiden University, is an international centre that was set up to organise interactive workshops within the natural sciences. One special aspect is the possibility to organise workshops that bring natural scientists into contact with researchers from the humanities and social sciences. Together with the NIAS (Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Social Sciences and Humanities) the Lorentz Center also awards a number of fellowships for interdisciplinary research, during which the Lorentz fellow can stay at the NIAS for a period of 5 or 10 months and can organise a workshop. The upcoming deadline is May 15, 2014 for workshops with starting date before September 1, 2015.

The NWO funding partners involved jointly contribute about € 600,000 per year to the Lorentz Center. From the nationally funded budget it is possible for the Lorentz Center to support a typical workshop with up to € 10,000 per week.

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