NWO publishes second call Sustainable water technology

NWO invites pre-proposals for its partnership programme Sustainable water technology. Deadline of submissions is April 17, 2018. Aim of the programme is to explore new knowledge fields for sustainable water treatment technology. Consortia consisting of one or more knowledge institutions and at least one private sector company from the water sector, and possibly other partners, can submit innovative research projects in the field of water technology. The budget available is € 500,000.

Granted projects will be executed at Wetsus' laboratories in Leeuwarden. The programme involves a public private partnership. In this public private partnership NWO will contribute one half of the project costs provided that consortium partners contribute the other 50% in cash.


One can apply for one researcher: a PhD-position (4 years) or a postdoc-position (2-3 years). Funding by NWO in case of a 3- or 4-year position is up to 250,000 for personnel cost, bench fee and direct costs of disposable materials. The maximum support by NWO will not exceed the in cash contribution by consortium partners to Wetsus that covers costs resulting from using Wetsus' facilities.


The deadline for full proposals, upon invitation is June 26, 2018.

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