Application for the Future for Nature Award 2018 is now open

The Future for Nature Foundation (FFN) invites nominations for its Future for Nature Award. Deadline for submitting nominees is September 15, 2017. The Future for Nature Award is a prestigious international award that celebrates tangible achievements in protecting wild animal and plant species. Individuals born after April 30, 1983 may apply for this prize of € 50,000.

The award aims to reward and fund individuals for their outstanding efforts in the protection of species of wild animals and plants. It wants to stimulate winners to sustain their dedicated work and help them to raise their profile, extend their professional network and strengthen their funding basis. The winners get international recognition, financial support and reinforced linkages to an international conservation network. In addition to the amount of € 50,000, all recipients receive a small FFN sculpture and a certificate summarizing their achievements.

FFN supports young, talented and ambitious conservationists committed to protecting species of wild animals and plants. The commitment of these individuals is what will make the difference for the future of nature. Through their leadership they inspire and mobilize communities, organizations, governments, investors and the public at large. 

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