Progeria - Research Awards Spring 2014 ($ 300,000)

The Progeria Research Foundation invites applications for its medical research grants. Deadline for submissions is May 2, 2014. Three types of awards are granted: Innovator Awards, Established Investigator Awards and Specialty Awards.

Innovator Awards are 2-year awards of up to $75,000 per year. The aim of the Innovator Award is to allow an investigator to embark on new lines of investigation, and to produce enough preliminary data to be competitive for longer-term funding by NIH and/or other agencies. Established Investigator Awards are for senior investigators established either in the field of Progeria or a field that can be directly applied to Progeria. These grants are for up to 3 years and up to $100,000 per year. Specialty Awards are meant for smaller, more technology-driven projects, e.g., sequencing, screening potential drugs, obtaining cell lines (including IPSCs,) and preparation of antibodies. Funding amounts and lengths are flexible.

The mission of The Progeria Research Foundation is to discover the cure and effective treatment for Progeria and its aging related disorders.

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