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Sculpture - Henry Moore Foundation (£ 20,000)

The Henry Moore Foundation invites applications for its grant programme. Deadline for submissions is May 21, 2013. Grants are up to £ 20,000. The foundation awards grants in six categories:
• New projects: this includes exhibitions, exhibition catalogues and commissions; 
• Collections: intended to help public institutions acquire, display and conserve sculpture;
• Long-term research and development: to assist sculptural projects that require funding for more than one year, whether creative, academic or practical;
• Small research grants: grants for research on the history and interpretation of sculpture. Applicants such as academics, museum curators or independent scholars may seek funding for research costs such as photographs or travel;
• Support for artists: residencies or fellowships: grants to artists supported by host institutions, for residencies or fellowships between 2-6 months. The number of residencies or fellowships awarded will depend on the resources available in any year;
• Conferences, lectures and publications: a publication might be a book or a journal but not an exhibition catalogue or a permanent collection catalogue.

The Henry Moore Institute is a world-recognised centre for the study of sculpture in the heart of Leeds, funded by The Henry Moore Foundation. An award-winning exhibitions venue, research centre, library and sculpture archive, the Institute hosts a year-round programme of exhibitions, conferences, lectures, research, and publications that aim to expand the understanding and scholarship of historical and contemporary sculpture.

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