Biotechnology - Zilveren Zandlopers awards 2014

The Nederlandse Biotechnologische Vereniging (NBV) invites nominations for the Zilveren Zandloper Innovation and the Zilveren Zandloper Education awards. Deadline of submissions is April 15, 2014. The Zilveren Zandlopers awards are given every other year to a person/entrepreneur or group of people/entrepreneurs that have successfully turned science in one of the biotech fields into business or made a significant and innovative contribution to the education in biotechnology.

Candidates can be only nominated by a person working at a Dutch university, research institute or company. For the Zilveren Zandloper education award a nominee must be employed in the field of biotechnology in higher education (WO or HBO). In case of the Zilveren Zandloper innovation award a nominee has to be employed in the field of biotechnology in industry or academia. The awards consist of a trophy and € 2,500.

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