Animal experimentation - 3R Research Foundation 2015 ( 400,000)

The 3R Research Foundation Switzerland invites applications for its research grants. The application procedure comprises two stages. Deadline for submitting project outlines is February 15, 2015 (stage 1). For stage 2 applications for funding are received on invitation of the Foundation. A budget of CHF 500,000 ( 400,000) will be available for new projects. The aim of the 3R Foundation is to promote alternative research methods to animal experimentation through grants for research projects.

The 3R Research Foundation provides financial support according to its principles for research projects within a broad biomedical field, in particular biological and medical basic and disease-specific research, developing new medicines and toxicological safety testing (methods for testing chemicals, vaccines and environmental pollutants) which indicate a promising outcome. The projects should: 
• reduce the impact on animals used in animal experimentation; and/or 
• reduce the number of animals needed for a specific research topic (animal model); and/or 
• to replace specific experiments using animals. 

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