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Call Sustainable Logistics open for proposals (€ 1,000,000)

NWO invites applications for its Call Sustainable Logistics (Duurzame Logistiek). Deadline for submitting preliminary proposals is November 12, 2013. Together with the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, NWO has taken the initiative to develop the research programme. Its objective is to develop, share and apply new knowledge that is necessary for the vitality of the Dutch logistics sector in the medium to long term. Professors or university lecturers may submit an application on behalf of a consortium, which consists of academic researchers from different chairs and non-academic partners such as businesses, governments, civil society organisations and public research institutes (e.g. TNO). 

The research themes are the following:
• ICT systems;
• Physical Infrastructure;
• Orgware for the Logistics Sector.

The research to be conducted in the Sustainable Logistics programme is aimed at developing knowledge that can be used in policy and in practice. The programme generates knowledge that contributes to the objectives of the Logistics Top Sector as set out in the Top Sector agenda Roadmap to the Top (‘Partituur naar de Top’), and to realising the roadmaps. 

Funding for a grant is up to € 1 million. The budget is € 5 million. Furthermore workshops can be organised to facilitate the formation of a robust, balanced and coherent consortium that can submit a joint application. The maximum funding to organise a workshop is € 10,000. The total budget for workshops is € 150,000.

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