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'Greener by design annual conference: biofuels for aviation - overcoming the barriers', London, UK

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2012-10-16 An event entitled 'Greener by design annual conference: biofuels for aviation - overcoming the barriers' will take place on 16 October 2012 in London, UK.

Future emissions of carbon dioxide are being reduced in order to meet global climate concerns. This pressure and the decreasing availability of fossil fuels will bring different challenges for the aviation industry to those facing other transport modes. For aircraft in the foreseeable future there is no real alternative, such as electricity, to kerosene. Thus aviation is faced with a need to generate this fuel from other sources.

Over the last few years, advances have been made in demonstrating processes that can convert biomass to kerosene. Technical standards have been met and a number of airlines have flown passengers in aircraft partly powered by fuel derived by biomass. The challenge is now to meet sustainability standards and generate sufficient quantities of such fuel at a price that does not take aviation beyond the reach of consumers.

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