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'Epigenetics and Stem Cells 2012', Cambridge, UK

Event date:
2012-10-16 A conference entitled 'Epigenetics and Stem Cells 2012' will take place from 16 to 17 October 2012 in Cambridge, UK.

Whilst many hope that stem cell-based regenerative medicine will one day save patients from incurable diseases, there is still a long way to go. We know that stem cells rely heavily on epigenetic signals, which provide them with a unique ability to self-renew and turn into different cell types. However, the mechanisms behind this relation still need to be deciphered.

European labs are breaking ground in both the epigenetic and stem cell arenas. Aiming to build on this expertise and stimulate the exchange of novel technologies, the conference will be bringing researchers together to share information on latest research developments in stem cell therapy. Session topics will include:
-DNA methylation and demethylation in stem cells;
- polycomb complexes in tissue stem cell differentiation;
- establishment of chromatin marks in development;
- epigenetics and cell proliferation;
- noncoding RNAs as epigenetic regulators.

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