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New call CIP Network of Eco-innovation Financiers (€ 2,000,000)

The European Commission has published a new call for proposals for the CIP Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme. Deadline for applications is September 23, 2013. The EIP call Network of Eco-innovation Financiers (ENT/CIP/12/C/N02C00) seeks to expand available private and public sources of funding over the long term, in a sustainable manner. In particular, it pursues the objective that ecoinnovative companies take full advantage of European demand-led innovation financing opportunities. Finally, it targets improving deal flow and increasing its quality, for the benefit of entrepreneurs and investors.

Funding is up to € 2,000,000. The estimated duration of a project is 30 months. Applicants could be public and private bodies, NGOs, universities, research institutes and must be registered in an EU Member State or belong to the following list of non-EU-member countries that participate in the CIP Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme. These countries are Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Turkey, Serbia, Israel, and Albania.

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