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Seventh Symposium on Limnology and Aquatic Birds, Kristianstad, Sweden

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2012-08-15 The Seventh Symposium on Limnology and Aquatic Birds will take place from 15 to 17 August 2012 in Kristianstad, Sweden.

Aquatic birds are often studied from a terrestrial perspective, despite spending much of their lives near or in water. They have been largely ignored by freshwater researchers (limnologists) even though aquatic birds can potentially have strong effects on limnological systems. Additionally, scientists studying birds may not be familiar with aquatic systems, even when freshwater-based processes have significant effects on the study species. It is therefore important to bring these two fields together in order to better understand waterbird ecology and their possible impacts on surrounding ecosystems.

The event will bring together experts and stakeholders to examine birds as part of wetland ecosystems.

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