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ZonMw EMF&H International Exchange and Collaboration grants of maximum 10k€ 2013

ZonMw has published the last round of the International Exchange and Collaboration grants of maximum € 10,000 within the programme Electromagnetic Fields and Health (EMF&H). The deadline for applications is November 5, 2013. There is a total budget of € 30,000 available for this call. This is the final call for international proposals. After its closure, no more calls will follow within the programme EMF&H.

The goal of this call is to strengthen the Dutch research infrastructure in the area of EMF in such a way that it will make a substantial contribution to international research efforts in this field. The international exchange and collaboration grants allow Dutch researchers to gain experience abroad and to foreign researchers to work in a Dutch institution (exchange fellowship). They will also allow researchers to set up an international research project, to invite an expert from abroad or to attend or organize a national or international meeting or workshop that is directly beneficial to Dutch EMF research.

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