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Organs - ESAO Wichtig Research Award 2013 (€ 2,500)

The European Society for Artificial Organs invites nominees for its Wichtig Research Award. Applications must be submitted before July 1, 2013. The annual ESAO-Wichtig-Research Award is aimed at encouraging young scientists (< 38 years) working in the area of experimental research, medical science, biochemistry, chemistry, physical chemistry, membrane science and chemical engineering involved in the general field of artificial organs with special emphasis on:
• New developments in artificial organs and regenerative medicine technologies; 
• Implementation of artificial and bioartificial organs in clinical practice; 
• Improvement of application strategies for therapies including artificial and bioartificial organs.

The award of € 2,500 will be presented at the 40th ESAO Congress in Glasgow, Scotland to be held on 11-14 September, 2013.

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