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Epilepsy - AES Research Initiative Awards 2013 ($ 50,000)

The American Epilepsy Society (AES) invites proposals for its Research Initiative Awards. Deadline of submissions is August 19, 2013. The objective of these awards is to encourage established investigators to think "outside the box" and involve other established investigators who may not now be working in the field of epilepsy. Members who are candidates for an Epilepsy Foundation Junior Investigator Award or AES and EF research or training fellowships will not be considered. Awards will be made based on the proposed budget, with an anticipated award of $ 30,000 - $ 50,000 per project. Up to three projects will be funded each year.

The AES seeks to promote interdisciplinary communications, scientific investigation and exchange of clinical information about epilepsy. Membership consists of clinicians, scientists investigating basic and clinical aspects of epilepsy, and other professionals interested in seizure disorders. Members represent both pediatric and adult aspects of epilepsy.

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