Food & Business Applied Research Fund (ARF) open for application

NWO invites applications for the Applied Research Fund. Deadline for submitting proposals is April 15, 2014. Consortia of at least one practitioner organisation located in a Dutch LMIC-partner country (Low and Middle Income Countries) and one Dutch research or higher education organisation may apply. Grants amount between € 50,000 (for six months) and € 300,000 (for 36 months). For-profit enterprises are encouraged to participate in the consortium, but cannot reimburse costs from the grant.

The Applied Research Fund is part of the new Food & Business Research Programme (FBRP). This programme provides grants to consortia of researchers and practitioners (private and/or public) for research that contributes to food security in LMIC. Cooperation within the programme between public and private parties is expected to facilitate the utilisation of results research, thus contributing to new products, policies and practices.

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