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Seventh International Workshop on Constraint Solving and Language Processing, Orléans, France

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2012-09-13 The Seventh International Workshop on Constraint Solving and Language Processing will take place from 13 to 14 September 2012 in Orléans, France.

Constraints are widely used in linguistics, computer science, and psychology. How they are used, however, varies widely according to the research domain and range from knowledge representation to cognitive modelling, problem solving mechanisms and more. These different perspectives are complementary.

This event will look at the role of constraints in the representation of language and the implementation of language processing from an interdisciplinary perspective. Topics are set to include:
- constraints in human language comprehension and production;
- context modelling and discourse interpretation;
- acquisition of constraints;
- constraints and learning;
- cross-theoretical view of the notion of constraint;
- new advances in constraint-based linguistic theories;
- constraint satisfaction (CS) technologies;
- linguistic analysis and linguistic theories biased towards CS or constraint logic programming (CLP);
- probabilistic constraint-based reasoning.

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