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Fourth Baltic Congress of Osteoporosis (BCO 2012), Vilnius, Lithuania

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2012-09-13 The Fourth Baltic Congress of Osteoporosis (BCO 2012) will take place from 13 to 15 September 2012 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Osteoporosis, one of the main causes of death amongst older people, is a condition leading to low bone mass and increased bone fragility and putting patients at risk of fractures. Whilst the disease is currently attributed to various endocrine, metabolic and mechanical factors, new clinical and molecular evidence suggests that inflammation also exerts significant influence on bone turnover, thereby inducing osteoporosis. Besides, the increase in life expectancy means that researchers increasingly need to look into health services adapted to an ever-ageing population. As such, ageing could be the driving force behind novel therapeutics for osteoporosis.

The conference will bring together specialists of osteoporosis, general practitioners as well as other health professionals to share opinions and get an overview of the latest clinical developments and achievements in the prevention, diagnosis and management of osteoporosis in different countries

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