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Cardiovascular and neurovascular disease - Fondation Leducq Transatlantic Networks of Excellence 2013/2014 ($ 6,000,000)

Fondation Leducq asks for applications for its Transatlantic Networks of Excellence in Cardiovascular Research Program. The closing date to submit proposals is September 12, 2013. The foundation awards grants of up to $ 6,000,000 over five years to collaborative teams of European and North American scientists, allowing researchers to take advantage of the strengths and resources on both sides of the Atlantic.

The principal aims of this program are to develop international cardiovascular and neurovascular research networks which benefit from a demonstrable collaborative advantage; to advance science in the areas of cardiovascular and neurovascular disease; to apply the knowledge gained through research to promote the development of technology and therapeutics to improve human health; and to support the career development of young investigators in cardiovascular and neurovascular disease.

Fondation Leducq is a French non-profit health research foundation, the mission of which is to improve human health through international efforts to combat cardiovascular disease.

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