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Biomedical - Canada Gairdner Awards 2014 ($ 100,000 CND)

The Gairdner Foundation in Canada is looking for nominees for its Gairdner Awards. Deadline for applications is October 1, 2013. The purpose of these awards is the recognition of individuals whose work or contribution constitutes tangible achievement in the field of medical science. Each award is $ 100,000 CDN.

• The Canada Gairdner International Awards are given annually to individuals from a diversity of fields for outstanding discoveries or contributions to medical science;
• The Canada Gairdner Global Health Award recognizes those who have made scientific advances in one of four areas: basic science, clinical science or population or environmental health. The advances must have made, or have the potential to make a significant impact on health in the developing world. The purpose for the Canada Gairdner Global Health Award is the recognition of individual whose seminal scientific work constitutes a discovery or a highly tangible achievement toward improving our knowledge of and application to global health, and also to generate scientific momentum in the field as well as augmenting public awareness.

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