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Workshop on medical communication systems, Helsinki, Finland

Event date:
2012-08-13 A workshop on medical communication systems will take place on 13 August 2012 in Helsinki, Finland.

There are signs of an increasing convergence of wireless communication, internet connectivity and medicine. Devices with advanced computer communication range from body-worn health monitors to implantable medical devices to remote robotic medical devices. All these systems depend on the safe, effective, reliable, and secure communication and computer networking. With these in place, advanced research on medical communication systems will be able to help innovators of next-generation medical technologies that aim to improve public health in the digital age.

The event will look at research in communications or computer networks with application to medical device communication systems. Topics on the agenda include:
- safe and effective network architectures and protocols for highly interoperable wireless medical devices;
- applications of cognitive radio to maximise spectrum utilization and spectrum sharing on unlicensed bands;
- data integrity and reliability issues in allocated or unlicensed spectrum;
- mobile phones as medical sensor gateways;
- ultra-low power communications;
- development of open medical communication systems;
- communications and computer networks designed for validation, formal verification, or hazard analysis;
- issues in usability, security, privacy and policy;
- industrial, provider and regulator experiences.

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