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'Workshop on generating linguistic descriptions of data', Brussels, Belgium

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2012-12-10 The 'Workshop on generating linguistic descriptions of data' will take place from 10 to 13 December 2012 in Brussels, Belgium.

The linguistic description of data (LDD) is the process of describing the relevant aspects of a dataset for a human user given in textual form. Making data accessible is important due to the growing amount which is stored and accessible to companies, organisations and the broader public. Individuals are taking a greater interest in data connected to them personally for example their professional activity, personal energy bills, and freely-available data about topics of general interest like weather, contamination, traffic or prices.

LDD has significant potential for helping both organisations and people in order to obtain periodical, understandable reports and updates of data of their interest, as well as on-demand summaries, without becoming an expert in knowledge representation and uncertainty measures.

The objective of this workshop will be to provide a forum for discussions of recent developments in linguistic description of data. Topics will include:
- association rules extraction for LDD;
- rule learning for content determination;
- concept extraction from data;
- pattern extraction and discourse models for discourse planning;
- syntactic realisation of knowledge extracted from data;
- clustering of data and messages for LDD;
- architecture of LDD generators;
- modeling the semantics of linguistic terms;
- content selection and determination for LDD;
- linguistic human-machine interaction for data access and description;
- uncertainties in language;
- models for assessing relevance of linguistic expressions;
- LDD applications.

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