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'Workshop on biological data mining and its applications in healthcare', Brussels, Belgium

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2012-12-10 The 'Workshop on biological data mining and its applications in healthcare' will take place on 10 December 2012 in Brussels, Belgium.

Researchers are seeking to understand the biological processes that underlie disease pathways in clinical contexts. This has resulted in a large amount of biological and clinical data from genomic sequences, DNA microarrays, and protein interactions, to biomedical images, disease pathways, and electronic health records.

To exploit these data for the creation of clinical applications, there are fundamental data analysis difficulties that have to be overcome. Practical issues such as the handling noisy and incomplete data, processing compute-intensive tasks, and integrating heterogeneous data sources are among the new challenges.

One way of overcoming these obstacles is to use data mining. Data mining is designed to handle challenging data analysis problems and could enable insightful observations and groundbreaking discoveries.

The workshop will highlight research results and best practices to researchers and practitioners from the data mining and life sciences domains.

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