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Third International Workshop on Ubiquitous Computing Security Issues, London, UK

Event date:
2012-12-10 The Third International Workshop on Ubiquitous Computing Security Issues will take place from 10 to 12 December 2012 in London, UK.

The past few years have seen an upswing in the use of computers and mobile devices in ubiquitous computing systems. At the same time, though, security concerns remain an important issue. Research in this area is important, as it can lead to ensuring that ubiquitous computing systems can achieve their true potential.

The event will bring together researchers and industry participants who are involved in the design, development, and implementation of novel applications, architectures and frameworks from the ubiquitous computing systems research domain. Topics are set to include:
- security challenges in ubiquitous computing systems;
- issues and challenges in e-healthcare;
- security and privacy concerns;
- security concerns in positioning and tracking technologies;
- privacy Concerns in context-aware systems and smart environments;
- legal and ethical issues;
- measuring software reliability issues;
- network security issues, protocols and data security.

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