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'Sentiment elicitation from natural text for information retrieval and extraction', Brussels, Belgium

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2012-12-10 An event entitled 'Sentiment elicitation from natural text for information retrieval and extraction' will take place 10 December 2012 in Brussels, Belgium.

Due to many challenging research problems and a wide variety of practical applications, opinion mining and sentiment analysis have become very active research areas in the last decade. Much current research is in sentiment analysis, relying on machine learning algorithms. Such algorithms, despite most of them being very effective, produce no human understandable results such that we know little about how and why output values are obtained.

All such approaches, however, rely on syntactical structure of text, which is far from the way human mind processes natural language. Next-generation opinion mining systems can employ techniques capable to better grasp the conceptual rules that govern sentiment and the clues that can convey these concepts from realisation to verbalisation in the human mind.

The event will be a forum for researchers in the field of opinion mining and sentiment analysis to share information on their latest investigations in social information retrieval and their applications both in academic research areas and industrial sectors.

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