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'Secure autonomous electric power grids workshop', Lyon, France

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2012-10-09 The 'Secure autonomous electric power grids workshop' will take place on 10 September 2012 in Lyon, France.

Traditional power management models rely heavily on a centralised authority to dispatch generation and curtail load without any means for consumers to affect the decision process. The increasing dependence on renewable sources of energy invalidates the currently prevailing paradigm 'supply follows demand' for energy management, since power generation from wind or solar panels is not controllable and only partially predictable.

The resulting situation inherently depends on the discovery and exploitation of demand flexibility. This brings up the challenge of a decentralised energy information system with distributed system intelligence for power management and control.

The event will examine how autonomous self-adaptive and self-organising systems may be designed for energy management and control in the future smart grid ranging from national or international high-voltage transportation systems to low-voltage local distribution systems.

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