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'Recent Advances in Cytometry', London, UK

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2012-11-08 An event entitled 'Recent Advances in Cytometry' will take place on 14 November 2012 in London, UK

Cytometry encompasses a group of biological methods used to measure various cell characteristics . The likes of cell size, the stage of cell cycle, the DNA content of a cell, the existence or absence of specific proteins on its surface or in the cytoplasm, are some of the characteristics that can be measured with cytometry.

Image cytometry allows in-depth analysis of the shape and morphology of individual cells, whereas flow analyzes cell flow in liquid with a laser beam. It can do this very quickly, albeit without detailed information as to the morphology of individual cells.

The event will be illustrating the uses of recently introduced cytometric technology and markers. Interested researchers will be able to discuss the recent advances in hardware, software as well as newly developed fluorochromes, probes and fluorescent proteins.

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